About Us


Our Mission

Serving the Gulf coast since 1952, Hollis Interiors is an interior design store offering services for clients that seek personalized attention with their design choices and furnishings for their primary residence, vacation home, resort or rental property. With over 100 years’ experience, our goal is to offer knowledge through personalized attention during the design process and to make it fun for our clients. We also provide design resources and products to better help our clients through special purchases of furniture, fabric, and accessories. The total experience is provided in a way to inform, inspire, and help meet our clients’ needs. The process of transforming their home, vacation property or business to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves and add to their enjoyment of that interior space.

Our Brands

Hollis Interiors brand of products offer an extensive product line so you shop beautiful home furnishings that you'll love.


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Our Story

Hollis Interiors, formerly known as Hollis Furniture, is a local family owned and operated business. Established in 1952, it was an idea, plan, and creation of our grandfather John Hollis, and father Wayne Hollis. After visiting the Gulf Coast in 1951, they decided to move to Foley and open the furniture store. They offered quality furniture at affordable prices to those in the area. Their humble beginning was serving a primarily farming community even financing in-house to display trust, hard work, and dedication in our community.

In 2003, following in their grandfather's and father's footsteps, Tootsie Hollis Allen and Kelly Hollis, who were raised inside the store, took over the family business and added their specialty of interior design during a dramatic shift in the economy forcing Tootsie and Kelly to work harder than ever, taught by their father to always put the customer first and to go the extra mile doing whatever it takes to get the job completed to perfection.

Hollis Interiors offers complete design services for homes and vacation homes. Working on any budget, we provide access to products that enhance the design and attention to detail and personalized service including furnishings, both new and antique, designer fabrics and home accessories. This venture offers a sense of self that our target market desires and can afford, in a way that is unique from start to finish.

We take pride in what our grandfather and father started and in keeping with their legacy, we will continue to offer beautiful, quality products at fair prices. And always put our clients’ satisfaction first.

Our Designers

Kelly Hollis

Kelly is an exceptional interior designer with an undeniable passion for her work. Kelly's talent, creativity, and timeless style allows her to bring any room to life. Kelly's years of experience makes her one of the most sought after designers on the Gulf Coast.

Lisa Perry

Lisa, with over 30 years of experience, can help you create a living space that fits your lifestyle and feeds your soul. From managing full-scale design projects to simply selecting paint colors, Lisa will assist with every step, bringing clarity and simplicity to the complex process of designing your unique space.

Traci Gunniss

Traci Gunniss was born with style in her blood. She is the fourth generation of designers at Hollis Interiors. Currently she is doing outside sales and design for Hollis. Her vision can set the tone of a living space and establish an atmosphere for any residential or commercial setting. Her innovative approach to design and use of unique decor can quite literally turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Dawn Waters-Allen

Dawn brings a fresh eye for style to Hollis Interiors. Dawn has a natural ability to help customers figure out exactly what they need in their space. Our customers appreciate her sharp attention to detail and her down to earth personality. 

Tootsie Hollis-Allen

Tootsie Allen serves as the lead designer and owner/operator for Hollis Interiors. Tootsie provides interior design solutions to residential and small scale commercial projects with over 30 years of experience. She is described as creative, down to earth and easy to work with among clients and design professionals alike. She has the expertise to create a wide variety of interior environments from traditional to contemporary.